Magnified proportions. Retro overtones. Full-bodied hues.
                      Maripier Morin presents her first-ever swimwear collection.

                      Women's Swimsuits by Maripier Morin at Simons

                      Graphic Blend

                      Contrast stripes meet geometric patterns in a confident, sophisticated, and modern way.

                      Le 31

                      Framed vertical stripe shirt


                      Dream-Worthy Prices

                      Bring hotel luxury home with you with Le Germain's signature bedding.

                      Le Germain Hôtels

                      Egyptian cotton and bamboo duvet cover set

                      Starting at
                      The luxurious Le Germain bedding collection at Simons Maison.

                      New Arrivals for Spring 2020

                      Spring 2020 new designer pieces for women and men

                      Made With Love

                      Unique presents passionately crafted by their creators to make hearts flutter.

                      Unique presents passionately crafted by their creators, available at

                      Bountiful Beauty

                      Adorned with the loveliest lace, our push-up bra is the perfect complement for your low-cut necklines.

                      Our longline bra beautifies silhouettes with its utterly romantic hue.


                      Cléa push-up bra


                      Lace longline plunge bra

                      Cléa push-up bra for women by Miiyu at Simons
                      Lace longline plunge bra for women by Miiyu at Simons
                      Valentine's day by Miiyu at Simons
                      Romantic gifts for men and women at Simons

                      Get inspired by our selection of sweet little surprises that promise to make hearts flutter.

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                      Green Philosophy

                      Make a difference with our new eco-friendly arrivals.

                      Green Philosophy

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