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                      My Heart, My Cause

                      22 Jan 2020

                      A new fashion collaboration is coming to Icône. The My Heart, My Cause project highlights the talent of three Canadian illustrators whose works of art are featured as T-shirt prints. Each of these exceptional artists has also selected a charitable organization that is particularly important to them and for every T-shirt sold, $10 will be donated to these chosen causes. Read on to meet the artists whose ideas and hearts are as great as their gifts.


                      Beautiful Chaos,
                      by Marie-Claude Marquis

                      As a multi-disciplinary artist, Marie-Claude Marquis enjoys exploring graphic design, textile prints, and visual art using colour and creativity. Her pieces are humorous and have a certain nostalgia about them, drawing on memories, Quebec identity, and pop culture references from the '80s and '90s. Emotions are also central to this artist's work as she juxtaposes typographic phrases from today with charming porcelain pieces and needlework inspired by the past.

                      For the My Heart, My Cause project, MC Marquis has produced a print entitled Beautiful Chaos: a cross-stitched floral bouquet that features contrasting cursive writing. The illustrator has chosen to donate to Revivre, an organization that helps all those affected by anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorders. 

                      “For me, Beautiful Chaos means that no one is perfect. We are all a bit chaotic in some way. This is exactly what makes us so unique and interesting. Mental health and communication are reoccurring themes in my work, and I believe that talking about it and going to get help when we feel the need is key.”

                      To see MC Marquis' artwork:


                      Don't Waste a Good Wave,
                      by Claudie Lamarre

                      This young Montreal designer who is passionate about surfing and travel expresses her ideas and point of view through art, graphic design, and illustration. Founder of the brand and service platform Out Of The -, Claudie Lamarre stands out for her minimalist approach to art. While her style may be pure, simple, and light, the themes she chooses to illustrate are weighty issues of our modern day. Equality, environmentalism, feminism, sexuality, social media, politics—Lamarre’s blend of beauty and creativity delights while also causing people to think.

                      For our collaboration, Claudie created the print Don't Waste a Good Wave, a finely drawn black and white design that depicts pollution’s impact on marine life. She has chosen to donate to The Blue Organization, an organization for environmental awareness that, through public communication of science, wants to equip the public against the changes our planet is facing. 

                      “I created this piece to express the current problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. I’m a huge fan of surfing, which is why I illustrated this issue using a wave and gave the design the title Don’t Waste a Good Wave.”

                      To see Claudie Lamarre’s artwork:


                      Laisse aller,
                      by Mireille St-Pierre

                      Mireille St-Pierre has made her mark as an illustrator and artistic director, mainly for advertisements, editorials, books, and branding. Her work, infused with authenticity and sensitivity, has been recognized in recent years, notably at the World Illustration Awards and at the American Illustrations Awards. Devoting herself primarily to illustration, she’s currently working on producing her first graphic novel as an author.

                      For the My Heart, My Cause project, Mireille created a print entitled Laisse aller. This piece is a stylized portrait of a woman that’s elevated by natural elements in a rich and bright colour palette. It’s a sweet image that the artist says represents the sad feeling that comes with the end of a hot day. 

                      Mireille has chosen to donate to the Parents Orphelins organization. This association’s mission is to bring together parents who are grieving from pregnancy and infant loss so that they can help one another while benefiting from complimentary services to the ones offered in health services.

                      To see Mireille St-Pierre’s artwork:


                      We would like to sincerely thank these artists for their talent and for highlighting these causes that they care so deeply about. All the My Heart, My Cause T-shirts are made of organic cotton and are on sale in store and online.

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