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                      The Right Towel

                      The fibre and construction should be high quality,
                      but the texture, thickness, and size are a matter of taste.

                      • THE FIBRE

                        Cotton is a natural fibre that absorbs more than others, which is why towels are almost always made of pure cotton.

                        Sometimes it’s blended with other fibres to give the towel a different texture.

                      • THE THICKNESS

                        The unit of measurement for the thickness of a towel is grams per square metre (GSM).

                        At Simons, we offer a wide range of towels to meet your needs:
                        the lightest weigh 400 GSM, while the heaviest can weigh up to 800 GSM.

                        A bulky towel will certainly be cosy, but it will take up more space in the washer
                        and will also take longer to dry.?

                      • THE CONSTRUCTION

                        Towels made in Canada,
                        Turkey, and Portugal are known
                        for their superior quality.  

                        In fact, these countries have succeeded in developing
                        long-standing expertise in weaves and finishes, essential criteria
                        For durable and high-quality towels. 

                        This is why, at Simons, we are proud to collaborate with these countries 
                        to make our towels!

                      Types of Cotton

                      here are a few cottons known for their exceptional properties.

                      • EGYPTIAN COTTON

                        This cotton is considered to be one of the best in the world!

                        It's known for the quality of its fibres, which are fine, long, and resistant.
                        Egyptian cotton towels are remarkably soft, absorbent, and durable. 

                        Shop our EGYPTIAN COTTON towels

                      • TURKISH COTTON

                        Known for its quality, this cotton has ultra-long fibres that are
                        highly absorbent and durable.

                        It’s often used for making towels that have just the right amount of thickness
                        and that are soft and smooth to the touch.

                        Shop our turkish COTTON towels

                      • COTTON/MODAL

                        Modal is a rayon fibre that comes from wood pulp.

                        Adding modal to cotton increases its absorption and makes it softer. 
                        It also makes the towels more resistant to shrinking in the wash.

                        Shop our COTTON-modal towels

                      Different Sizes

                      learn how each towel is used to know what size to choose.

                      • Facecloth

                        About 33x33 cm

                        Small size for washing your body and face.?

                      • Hand towel

                        About 45x76 cm

                        Practical size for drying your hands or wringing out your hair.  

                      • Guest towel

                        About 33x48 cm

                        Compact size that measures slightly bigger than a facecloth and is meant for guests. Amongst other things, it’s used for freshening up at the sink and drying your hands and face. 

                      • Bath towel

                        About 70x130 cm

                        The perfect size for drying yourself off after a bath of shower.

                      • Bath sheet

                        About 90x165 cm

                        Recreate the deluxe comfort of a hotel at home by wrapping up in this oversized towel that’s bigger than a bath towel once you’re done your bath or shower. 

                      • Bath mat

                        About 50x80 cm

                        An absorbent rug that protects the floor and dries your feet when stepping out of the bath or shower.

                      • Wash mitt

                        About 16x20 cm

                        A small pouch-like cloth in which you place your hand
                        to wash your body and face.

                      Care instructions

                      to prolong the life and beauty of your towels...

                      • THE FIRST FEW WASHES

                        Wash your towels before using them for the first time.
                        During the first few washes, you can dilute
                        1/4 to 1/2 a cup of white vinegar in the water
                        to help the colours set. 

                      • REGULAR WASHING

                        Always wash towels in warm water
                        without adding bleach or fabric softener. 

                      • COLOURS

                        Bright and dark colours should be washed separately
                        until the excess lint disappears.

                        Certain colours may continue to bleed after several washes. 

                      • LINT

                        Clean the lint trap before you begin drying.

                        It’s normal for certain high-quality towels to produce lint.
                        Sometimes, it can take up to 10 washes for this to stop. 

                      • DRYING

                        Tumble dry towels on low heat to minimize shrinkage
                        and to make them soft.

                      • Did you know?

                        Cut pulled threads off easily with scissors.

                        Fabric softeners tend to reduce the absorbency of your towels.

                        Certain toothpastes can discolour your towels, so it’s best to avoid
                        using your towels to clean your sink.

                      Comparison Chart


                      • COMPARISON CHART


                        NAme size
                        GsM Composition Description
                        Terry gym towel 60x120 cm 400 Gsm cotton Small size that's perfect for sports. Dries quickly.
                        Buy now
                        Extra-value colour towel   70x125 CM 450 GSM  COTTON Small size that's perfect for daily use. Dries quickly.      
                        Buy now
                        Braided border towel 70x130 cm  500 GSM  Turkish
                        Excellent quality
                        for the price.
                        Bright on-trend colours.       
                        Buy now
                        GRAND HOTEL TOWEL 70x140 cm 700 GSM Cotton    THICK TERRY MADE
                        Buy now
                        pastel towel by samantha pynn  70x140 cm 600 gsm cotton

                        made in portugal. oversized bath size. 

                        Buy now

                        Egyptian cotton towel  70x140 cm 600 GSM Egyptian cotton     Superior-quality fibre.
                        Oversized bath size.  
                        Buy now
                        Cotton-modal towel 70x140 cm 600 GSM Cotton/modal      Ultra soft
                        and luxurious. Oversized bath size.
                        Buy now
                        Airy cotton towel 75x140 cm 600 gsm cotton light and fluffy feel. sustainable production.
                        Buy now


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